About Barbet

My name is Tammy, I’ve been an animal lover most of my life. I’ve worked in many different environments such as animal shelters, foster programs, pet visits to the elderly and sick, and several vet clinics in the area. I live on the outskirts of Ottawa with my husband and 4 children. Over the years we’ve had many different breeds of dogs, mostly mixed breed rescues.

When our last rescue dog died in 2004, we actually lived for 2 years in a dog free home! I knew my life was missing something without a dog in my life, so the hunt for a dog came, at the time all of the children were young, I did home daycare, so wanted to find a dog that was known for being a great family dog. So I got a golden retriever, ozzy. As time went on we got more Goldens as I fell in love with the temperament. I was intrigued with the idea of breeding, and let my female breed once. She had 11 healthy wonderful puppies! I am always trying to learn new things about dogs, there are so many wonderful breeds.

I think it was 2008 I learned of the beautiful French water dog, known as the Barbet and was once again intrigued and wanted to learn more and see one in person. They were so rare, I didn’t know anyone who had one, or who had ever seen one in person. I set off to the Toronto to a dog show, as soon as I saw the Barbet I was in love! They were so interesting looking, shaggy and down to earth, fun “real” dog. I loved that! A natural, crazy haired dog, that wasn’t overly groomed or poofy. It fit perfectly with my family and Goldens, and I knew I wanted to know more and welcome one into my home.

In December of 2010, my dream finally came true! We drove to Waterloo in the biggest snowstorm of the year to pick up, Wyllow. Since then the love affair has grown, I am constantly learning more and more about breeding, showing and sports. In July of 2015, we welcomed our first litter of barbet into the world. I now have 3 barbet, and active in conformation, sports and anything fun that I can do with my dogs, that will benefit the breed. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I am committed to raising healthy, stable dogs that lead enriched lives. My dogs are my family. I really thank Paula Ballack for trusting me with Wyllow, and Xanthia and for being such an amazing teacher and friend.