Barbet Care

Barbet, are very social dogs and love to be with their human family at all times if possible. They are pretty much up for anything you want to do. Hike in the forest, trek through some mud, or just hang on the couch for a movie and snuggle. This is one of the things that makes the barbet such an amazing pet. Barbet, like all dogs, need exercise, moderate exercise is usually enough. Depending on your lifestyle with the barbet, you have many different options when it comes to grooming. You can go short to full length cords.


When it comes to the discussion about how a barbets coat should be kept, there are many different opinions. But, let’s first remember that one of the key characteristics of the barbet is that it is a rustic breed. So in keeping with this tradition I feel it’s important to keep their coat more in the traditional and suitable state. One of the great and challenging things about a barbet is that their look is very versatile. They can be left to have their coats grown out, that will matt easily and eventually turn into cords. It will have the appearance of a thick wooly coat. Another option is to keep the coat shorter more manageable, leaving the hair on their tail, ears and head a little longer. Keep in mind that it is not good to shave your barbet down, perhaps shearing your barbet is a better option. Another not so acceptable option in the barbet community is to make your barbet “fluffy” or “blown out” this look completely depletes the whole tradition of the barbet being a rustic breed. Being a rustic dog, does in no way imply unclean. It is very important to keep your dog’s coat clean and free from debris, especially after a good off leash run through the forest, check your barbet for leaves and sticks that somehow got stuck in their coat like “Velcro”. As far as I’m concerned once you’ve met and fallen in love with a barbet, you embrace the grooming as part of the package.

In the end, when it comes to grooming your barbet, it is your decision to make to find a style that will fit with your lifestyle and your plans with your barbet.

If you decide to show your barbet than you will need to keep the hair a minimum of 4 inches. For working dogs, trials, hunting etc, keeping it a little shorter around 2 inches makes much more sense.
Another important factor in caring and grooming for your barbet is the ears. They have much longer ear canals than humans. Thus making it more difficult to clean. Dogs who spend a lot of time in water have protective hair and waxy build up in their ears to prevent water retention and damage. The Barbet generally have hairy ears, which will need regular maintenance and plucking to ward off infection.


Barbet are extremely intelligent and versatile. They excel in all sorts of sports, hunting, and therapy. It is important to keep your barbet busy and active. Since they love spending time with their humans, it makes them wonderful students.